Most Expensive Piaget Limelight Cocktail Rings

Piaget’s Limelight Inspiration collection brings us some playful new rings: with a twist. And make that a twist of lime or a dash of tonic as cocktails are the theme of these bright rings that are good enough to drink.

And if you are hungry, then there is an array of pastel-hued petits fours to feast your eyes on. Piaget shows a playful side with these charming rings that are inspired by the bright colour combinations of cocktails and the sweetness of miniature cakes.

How can one resist this fruity, tangy rings that play the luxury gourmet card with a smile? What woman could resist the shimmering reflections of these stunning cocktail rings with their classic recipe and fresh spirit?

Luxury jewelry brand Piaget brings their new jewelry collection called “Cocktails”, which was inspired by the most famous cocktails. Discover white gold, pink, yellow diamonds and gemstones, all of which made of materials that have been worked with great dedication by the most experienced jewelers and craftsmen to present the perfect miniatures of exotic and colorful drinks – Mojito, Rum with Coke and even a Whiskey on the rocks.

Piaget Limelight “Tutti Green” Cocktail Inspiration Ring – $ 15.900

Limelight “Tutti Green” cocktail inspiration ring in 18K yellow gold set with an oval-cut peridot, 2 brilliant-cut yellow diamonds and 3 brilliant-cut white diamonds.