Marilyn Monroe’s Most Memorable Fashion Moments

Marilyn Monroe’s style, charm, bombshell body and captivating, cooing voice seduced crowd after crowd of eager moviegoers through the ’50s and early ’60s.

Her untimely death broke the hearts of her fans the world over 50 years ago and still saddens us today, but instead of mourning the passing of Hollywood’s iconic golden girl, we’d rather celebrate her life and her amazing fashions that still inspire starlets and stylistas all these years later!

The Seven Year Itch

The famous white frock dubbed the “Marilyn Dress” from the sidewalk vent scene of 1955′s The Seven Year Itch has been reproduced a million and one times and will probably never go out style. This pleated ivory Travilla dress is so famous that it sold for $4.6 million at auction! Could you imagine?!