Lower Body Makeover – Exercises for Women


Learn how to build up grey muscle and tone your inner thighs on an adductor machine with this quick guide from Soho Gyms.
Hi, I’m Joe from Soho Gyms and I’m a personal trainer. We have six sites across London, and provide free weights, resistance machines, cardio equipment, studios and also classes. Today I will be showing you how to build up grey muscle.

Today we will be looking at how to tone your inner thighs, and for this we will be using the adductor machine. The adductor machine’s going to work the muscles running down the inner thighs, called your adductors. First of all we’re going to have a look at the adjustments which we can make to the machine.

You want to sit yourself down on to the machine, and raising up the yellow handle, you want to bring your knees as far apart as comfortably possible. From there, you release the handle down, then look at adjusting your weight. You adjust the weight by pulling the pin out, then pressing slowly back in.

Now from here, you’re going to keep your head up, chest up and back straight, and you bring the knees together squeezing at the top, and slowly back down. It’s important when you’re lowering the weight to make sure that the weights don’t clang together, and you keep the tension on to the muscles. What you might find when you first start doing this exercise is the movement is quite jerky, and isn’t very smooth.

The only reason for this is because your inner thigh muscles aren’t worked out very often. With a bit of practice, you will find that exercise will become very easy, and movement will become very smooth. For toning your inner thighs, you want to be looking at a weight which is comfortable for about fifteen repetitions, which you can complete for three sets.

If you find that you can’t complete the fifteen repetitions because the weight’s too heavy, then you need to reduce the weight, if you find that you complete a lot more than fifteen repetitions, then you need to increase the weight and make the exercise a bit more challenging. After you complete this exercise, three sets, fifteen repetitions, you will find you get toned inner thighs.