Lower Body Makeover – Exercises for Women

No doubt about it: The lower body trouble spots and problem areas of a woman can be extremely stubborn and quite depressing.

From ‘too fat, heavy and flabby’ to ‘very lumpy, unshapely and covered with cellulite’ – the female leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy areas can be the toughest problem areas to fix. But armed with the right information and a tiny bit of energy you can make definite, visible and long-lasting improvements.

By the time you finish reading this article and watching videos – you’ll know exactly what to do, to start fixing your worst body areas that cause you embarrassment and frustration every day…

The major problem is, not exercising these muscles correctly will make your trouble spots worse and more pronounced – while risking serious injury… However, the right exercises that use these muscles in harmony with each other can bring definite results without spending unrealistic amounts of time on ineffective exercises and risking long term set-backs.


How to Get Rid of Thigh Fat: Make your visits to the gym more effective with these exercise tips. In this video you will learn how to properly set and use the stationary bike to shed that unwanted thigh fat.
Hi, I’m Joe from Soho Gyms and today we are at the Waterloo site and I’ll be showing you how to make great muscles. Today, we are going to be looking at how to get rid of thigh fat. For this we are going to be using the stationary bike and before we start we need to make certain adjustments to the machine.

We want to look at adjusting the seat height so when you are cycling and your legs are fully extended there is going to be a slight bend at the knee. So for now we are going to have to bring the seat up slightly by pulling out the pin and raising the seat up. A good way of finding out this height without having to jump on straight away is to make sure it is about hip height like so.

Go ahead and jump on. As you can see, when the leg is fully extended, there is still a slight bend rather than the leg locking out. In terms of exercise, what you are looking to do is to choose the quick start option and start cycling.

You are looking to change the effort level up to moderate intensity where you would feel comfortable cycling for about 15 minutes. You want to look at increasing the pace slightly so you should feel your hearth rate increase and your breathing increase and it should feel like some hard work. By doing this exercise for 15 minutes increasing the resistance or the speed, you will find that you will lose fat around your legs.