Kim Kardashian – Sydney Evan Evil Eye Bracelet

The booming favorite amongst celebritiess – Evil Eye Bracelets


Kim Kardashian - Sydney Evan Evil Eye Bracelet


Many cultures believe that if you wear an evil eye, then you will be protected from the hypnotic and dangerous spell of Socrates. This growing trend is HUGE amongst celebrities including Katy Perry, Kelly Ripa, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Naomi Campbell.

Celebrities Evil Eye Bracelet for less

The real, as seen on Kim Kardashian, is a white gold and diamond evil eye bracelet by jeweler to the stars Sydney Evan and comes with a price tag of $1,050.00.

Would you believe that you can get the same looking Evel Eye Bracelet from Amazon? The look for less comes with a price tag of only $52 and just like the real, besides Amazon has several options to choose from in gold and silver.

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