Jimmy Choo Expensive Shoes – Behind The Scenes

Jimmy Choo Couture

After the split from Mellon and his niece, Jimmy Choo went back to what he knew and loved best, making beautiful and exquisite shoes. His company, Jimmy Choo Couture only produces three to four of his handmade creations per day by special order and appointment only with prices on the low end starting at $350 and ranging into the tens of thousands, depending on the materials and design.

In 2000, Choo was awarded the esteemed title of Dato by the Sultan of Pahang. In 2003, Choo was awarded an OBE, the Order of the British Empire, by the Queen of England herself for helping to make London a center of the fashion industry. Choo also is helping to start shoemaking schools in his hometown to teach young Malaysians what he learned about the business as he was growing up.

He teaches as a professor part-time at the London School of Design, where he himself graduated. Although Jimmy Choo Ready-to-Wear is now worth $180 million pounds, they are no longer shoes made by Jimmy Choo. So if you want real Jimmy Choo shoes, the quiet and incredibly talented man from Malaysia is still making shoes the old-fashioned way in London, as he did many years ago, one pair at a time. Just call for an appointment…bank account in hand…