Jimmy Choo Expensive Shoes – Behind The Scenes

The Beginning Of The Jimmy Choo Empire

Choo started his first workshop in an old hospital building in Hackney, London in 1988. His shoes were delicate, hand-made all in-house and caught the eye of Vogue Magazine which was a great stroke of luck for Choo. Vogue ran an eight-page spread featuring Choo’s shoes and he became a sensation…but hardly an overnight one since he had been making shoes almost his entire life!

One of his most notable clients was Princess Diana, who owned multiple pairs of shoes he made for her. She even owned several in the same design, but in different colors to go with her ever-changing wardrobe. Rumor was that the statuesque Princess Diana at 5’10’ tall could only wear the very high heel Jimmy Choo’s she adored after the split from also 5’10” Prince Charles! In fact, Choo was scheduled to deliver a pair of shoes to her on the day she was tragically killed and he has kept the shoes in remembrance of her.

Choo partnered with Tamara Yeardye Mellon in1996 to start Jimmy Choo Shoes, Ltd, also known as Jimmy Coo Ready-to-Wear. Mellon, daughter of the creator of the Vidal Sassoon hair care line, Tom Yeardye, was fashion accessories editor at British Vogue Magazine. Mellon ran the operations and Choo did what he knew best, made shoes. Together, they formed a successful partnership. Jimmy Choo’s name quickly became known as the ultimate in beautiful, luxurious…and very high end shoes.