Jimmy Choo Expensive Shoes – Behind The Scenes

Jimmy Choo…you may have first heard his name on the fashion-driven autobiographical fiction “Sex & The City.” His name was probably lumped in with many other designers…Manolo Blahnik, Ferragamo, Chanel, and Gucci, but Jimmy Choo was the one that seemed to register with everyone…perhaps, because his name seemed like he could be every man. And at one time, Jimmy Choo was every man.

Born in Malaysia in 1961, Chow (through a mistake on his birth certificate, it was mispelled Choo) Yeang Keat had a very humble upbringing. He came from a family of shoemakers and was said to have created his first pair of shoes at the tender age of eleven.

Amazingly, he only finished six years of school at the primary school in Malaysia where he grew up, but ended up at Cordwainer’s Technical College, which is now the London School of Fashion. Graduating in 1983 after working his way through college cleaning at a shoe factory and waiting tables, Choo quietly worked his way into a reputation as a dedicated and hard working shoemaker with more than a touch of artistry to his work.