Interesting Facts About Christian Dior You Need To Know


5. He died of unknown cause at the age of 52

Though the circumstances of Christian Dior’s death have never been officially confirmed, some people say that he died of a heart attack, in 1957, after choking on a fish bone, others say that the heart attack was caused by playing a game of cards, but the real cause of his death still remains unknown and unconfirmed.

6. Christian Dior once employed Yves Saint Laurent

Christian Dior employed Yves Saint Laurent as a design assistant, when he was just 19 years of age. They worked well together until Yves Saint Laurent’s conscription into the army, after which, the two designers fell out and the working relationship ended in an acrimonious legal battle. Yves Saint Laurent recalled: “I couldn’t speak in front of him. He taught me the basis of my art. Whatever was to happen next, I never forgot the years I spent at by his side.”