Incredible Celebrity Makeup Transformations – Top Ten

6. Rihanna

In 2005, Rihanna was still a good girl who hadn’t yet gone bad, and her makeup was as youthful as she was — she was just 17! Lanston says she likely used a highlight eyeshadow, subtle black eyeliner, and a pop of pink lip gloss, evoking the teen that she was, though it didn’t work exactly perfectly.

Los Angeles based makeup artist Valerie Vasquez pointed out, “At first she looks like a baby wearing too much makeup! The makeup is flawless, she just looks so young to have all that shimmer everywhere and beyond glossy lips.”

In her 2011 Rated R era, Lanston gushed, “That red hair made me feel like she was the only girl in the world! The pink shadow and white highlight on the eyelid was a masterpiece.” In 2017, RiRi toned her look down, with soft pinks on her eyes and lips and glowing skin, and seemingly much less product than we’re used to seeing on her.

Makeup artist Shara Strand told me that RiRi’s looks seem to have evolved with her personality and comfort with her superstar status. “Rihanna’s first picture is fresh and young beauty. She became ‘Jessica Rabbit’ as she hit stardom in the second photo, and arrived to an extremely relaxed and casual makeup look in the third.”