Incredible Celebrity Makeup Transformations – Top Ten

​5. Beyonce

Beyoncé’s makeup looks have constantly been on trend, for better or for worse, and have evolved along with her career. In 2000 with Destiny’s Child, her look was highlighted before highlighting was a thing. At the Grammys in 2002, you can spot some subtle contouring (especially on her nose), along with eyeshadow to match her purple gown.

At the 2007 Golden Globes, Queen Bey goes for the gold everywhere — her hair, her eyes, her gown. In 2016, the Lemonade singer went for subtle, with a cream lip, brushed brows, and subtle gold glitter accents on her eyelid, Lanston said.

There’s another element to Beyoncé’s cosmetic evolution that many may miss: Mutchie notes, “Beyoncé’s looks show an evolution of trends, and an evolution of success, both on her part and on behalf of her makeup artist, or even makeup technology. One of the things about the four images that stands out to me the most is the change of her foundation colors from less natural to more natural as you move from left to right.

This could be because of what was available (as the availability of makeup shades for people of color has been embarrassingly behind the times), or her ability to hire better and better makeup artists.”