Incredible Celebrity Makeup Transformations – Top Ten

4. Katy Perry

In 2004, Katy Perry was fresh-faced with just a hint of bronze shadow. By 2009, she was full-on glam with a bit of a Vargas-girl look: red lips, thick lashes, winged liner, polished skin, and pink cheeks. In 2017, she Witness singer ditched her signature black hair, bleaching it and buzzing most of it off, and went straight-up clownish with her cosmetics.

“Her first look is when she first started her career and she looks young, soft and natural,” Marcelli said. “Katy’s second look is fabulous! The perfect makeup! From the shimmering highlighter on her cheeks, to the layers of false lashes and then finishing it off with her bright red lip, this is the best makeup we have ever seen on her.

But her third look is a total disaster. It’s creative (I’ll give her that!), but distracting. All of it is overpowering the beauty underneath.”