Incredible Celebrity Makeup Transformations – Top Ten

There are some stars you can count on for consistency with their style, like Julia Roberts, Zooey Deschanel, Lucy Liu, or Gabrielle Union.

They may change things up slightly, but you can almost always count on them for their signature looks (a wide smile, dark bangs and bright eyes, stunning dark hair and golden skin, and preternaturally glowing skin).

Others, however, have made such drastic changes to their makeup styles throughout their careers that they look like completely different people. I talked to top makeup experts about these celebs who have all transformed their makeup in huge ways over time…though a few may have had help from doctors, too.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is getting increasingly fearless with her style. Makeup artist Elena D pointed out that just as much calculation goes into Swift’s beauty as her music, going all the way back to her country roots in 2008, with her then-signature ramen-noodle style curls and smoky eyes.

“Taylor’s makeup looks are always flawless and on trend, so cameras love her face. The makeup on each [look] is balanced and harmonious, working perfectly with her hairstyle. Focused on the eyes, the makeup from the first picture is soft with a very natural base and glossy lips, a cat eye complemented with medium volume lashes for a touch of glam, and warm lower lash eyeshadow to soften the overall look. The peachy blush is a beautiful reminder for her girly nature.”

Swift began really taking risks once she chopped off her hair in 2014 and started hanging out with her infamous supermodel-heavy squad. Makeup artist Chris Lanston noted, “She was bold with this cut, and she put on a red lip to prove it.”

Swift opted for an even edgier style when she co-chaired the 2016 Met Gala, where she sported bleached hair and a plum lip. “I like that she took a risk here with platinum blond hair and a deep, rich vampire lip,” Lanston joked, “because we all know she is one.”