How to mix Gold and Silver jewelry

Gold prices are at an all-time high these days. (Chalk it up to supply and demand, emerging markets and all that good stuff that we learned in economics many years ago.) But whatever the reason, we aren’t rushing out to buy the precious metal any time soon. Instead, we are mixing wallet-friendly (and oh-so-shiny) silver with gold for a look that is eye-catching without busting our budgets.


Mixing Metals

Wearing silver and gold together used to be a faux pas. (Along with neon, another trend we’ve enthusiastically embraced.) But these days we are all for flouting convention. Whether you wear a piece of jewelry that showcases the two metals, or choose shoes or a bag in silver and gold, we are checking it out, and making a mental note to copy your look.

Silver and gold mixes


A lot of former no-no’s are now yes-indeeds, and the ban on wearing gold and silver together is among them. Far from clashing, mixed metals actually add warmth and texture to your style. Besides, it’s boring when people get so matchy pooh-pooh, obsessing about whether their wedding ring goes with their hoops.

Siver and gold jewlery

Stefani Greenfield, co-owner of the hip boutique Scoop, thinks that accessories are the easiest way to nail the trend, like layering gold and silver bangles. Or wear a watch that combines white and yellow gold, which is what Helena Krodel of the Jewelry Information Center in New York City suggests—it will pull together all your pieces.

Silver-gold chains

Clothing is trickier. According to Greenfield a gold dress with silver shoes is fine—just relate them with metallic-flecked hose. But a skirt and top in contrasting metals can read as too much. As she says, “You want to be fashion forward, not fashion victim.”