How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller Naturally

Lip liner

Lip liner is often ignored in the beauty bag. Most women will put a slither of lipstick on and head out of the door, not realizing the potential of lip liner. If you purchase a lip liner the same colour as your lips or lipstick (these are relatively cheap) and carefully outline the shape of your lips, you will immediately create an effect that shadows the outside of your lips.

– Apply the lip liner from the outside to the inside.
– Be careful not to create exaggerated cupid bow (the little curves on top of your lip)
– Rather work in short strokes if you are unsure, you will have more control this way.
– Do not create excessively fuller lips with your lip liner. If you have a thinner top or bottom lip, apply the line JUST on the outside of your natural line.

This then creates the illusion that your lips are plumper than they actually are. The great thing about lip liner is that it stays on for a long time and can be used with lipstick, lip gloss or even on its own.