How To Create Fabulous Cocktail Hats

The popularity of the young royals has sparked a return to fashion of the cocktail hat. The cocktail hat can be worn indoors and, to that end, should be mostly embellishments with very little hat. The cocktail hat is meant to pull an outfit together and add a touch of chic. Cocktail hats are usually very expensive, so make your own to save money and create the perfect hat for your special occasion.

Things You’ll Need:
Sinamay fabric
Millinery wire
Millinery wire crimp
Jewelry crimper
Bias binding
Needle and thread
Glue gun
Crystal beads or buttons

Trace a circle on the paper with the compass and pencil. Cut it out and place it on your head. A cocktail hat is not a full hat; it’s simply a small circle of fabric and embellishments that help to pull your outfit together. The circle should be about the same size as the bottom of a champagne bottle. Experiment with size until you find one that suits your outfit and hairstyle.

Use the paper circle as a stencil and trace it out on the sinamay fabric. Add 1 1/2 inches for seams and cut out the sinamay fabric circle.

Create a millinery wire ring that is the same diameter as the paper circle. Place the ends of the wire into the wire crimp and squeeze the crimp shut with the jewelry crimper. Place the ring onto the sinamay fabric.

Curl the 1 1/2-inch seam around the edge of the sinamay fabric over the millinery wire ring. Thread the needle and tie it off. Sew the sinamay fabric around the seam to secure the millinery wire ring.

Fold the bias binding over the ring and sew it to the sinamay fabric. This will finish off the piece nicely.

Arrange your feathers, ribbon, beads, buttons and fabric flowers in a bouquet. Use the glue gun to secure the items to the sinamay fabric hat. The arrangement will depend largely on your outfit and hairstyle. Use as little glue as possible.

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