How to Choose the best Dress for Rectangle body shape

 Middle Body Рaccentuate you Waist

Bebe Hourglass Dress
Bebe Hourglass Dress

There are not a whole lot of things rectangles can’t wear, but dresses with a waistband or flared skirt that gathers at the waist also look fabulous on this body type.

Another option to create the illusion of curves is to draw attention to your waist. To do this try a ball gown (full skirt, form-fitting bodice) as this will draw attention to your waistline and give you a curvier look.

A ruched or embellished waistline is also a nice choice. Ornaments, belts, wraps, darts and ribbons are just a few examples for waistline embellishment.

You can achieve Hour-glass figure effect with high-impact black and white contrast and a stunning geometric shape.