Hot Instagram Stars Before Plastic Surgery

Also known as whores of the internet, being an Instagram model basically means you have to show your sexy rack and gorgeous bum in a teeny tiny bikini.

They are commonly referred to as do-nothing-bitches now, which is girls who are trying to be hot and wait for some guy to come along take care of them. They don’t even need a degree but are making bucks per year, next thing you know it is what little girls will want to be when they grow up.

Moreover, they did not always look this hot or perfect, their popularity sky rocketed after going under the knife…

1. Alena Shishkova

Known as ‘Russia’s Own Megan Fox’, she is a blonde bombshell with a gorgeous face and figure. She did not always look this way however, she had more of a natural, girl next door look.

With some work done such as a nose job, brow lift, butt implants, lip and cheek fillers, Alena Shishkova transformed into one of the most loved Instagram starlets with millions of followers.