Hip-Hop Super Stars with Successful Fashion Brands

Hip-Hop and fashion go hand in hand. So much of the rapper lifestyle has to do with how you look, what you drive, the shoes you wear and the jewelry you own.

That’s the reason why most Hip-Hop stars leverage their popularity in the music arena into starting their own fashion brands and making tons of money. Below is a list of rappers who also own successful clothing brands …

Pharrell: Billionaire Boys Club

Is there anything Pharrell Williams can’t do? He’s a producer, singer, rapper, visual artist and he’s currently one of the celebrity judges on NBC’s hit reality show, The Voice. Did you also know that Pharrell has his own clothing brand called Billionaire Boys Club? The brand was founded in 2005, and in 2011, Jay-Z and a mammoth clothing manufacturer named Iconix partnered with him to take the brand to the next level. 9 years after its formation, BBC continues to be a staple street wear brand for cool urban kids, and it’s probably going to remain popular for many more years.