Celebrity Pics Before and After Dental Surgery

3. Nicolas Cage

To be fair, waaaaaay back in 1984, when Nicholas Cage first fixed his teeth, the world was a different place. Back in these days people couldn’t tell Americans from British simply by examining their smiles. The world was simpler and everyone was slightly uglier. Time moves on however, and Nicholas moves with it. Today he rocks a perfect set of veneers, and to be honest – the above photo is probably the best advert for dental surgery ever.

The dental surgery Nicholas Cage had done is one of the most dramatic you’ll see anywhere – you can see before he had Yellow, crooked teeth and his whole mouth teeth replacement with veneers is dramatic and pleasing.

Fun fact about Nicholas’s teeth : he was one of those rare people who never outgrew his baby teeth! The yellowing crooked teeth you see in the before picture we his since birth, since he never grew the usual adult second set.

Since Nicholas had his teeth improved in 2010, his acting careeer has gone from strength to strength. We’re not suggesting that a $3000 set of dental veneers is responsible for his dramatic rise to Hollywood fame – though it is a trend that all the stars who had dental surgery subsequently saw an improvement in their careeers..