Celebrity Pics Before and After Dental Surgery

The modern celebrity now more than ever has to be at their physical best at all times.

Sometimes what nature gave you simply isn’t enough, and its time for the cosmetic surgeon. Here is our list of the 10 most dramatic dental transformations, with glorious before and after photos, enjoy!

1. Morgan Freeman

His teeth however are also famous having their own Facebook fan-page. It seems with all this attention, Morgan saw the need to get some dental work carried out. Its clear from the picture that he is now rocking an excellent set of veneers, and has pearly white teeth.

Despite his amazing acting ability, he had commented that his acting work was beginning to dry up simply because he was getting yellow teeth as he aged. You’ll notice that even now in 2016 Morgan continually appears in new roles, despite being in his 70s. The veneers and teeth whitening clearly paid off thousands of times over, as he remains one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood today.

Morgans latest movie is Ben Hur – where he plays Sheik Ilderim – an elderly looking rastafarian dude..With perfectly white teeth. Bearing in mind the movie is actually set in 30 AD, it’s unlikely even a wealthy sheik would have access to perfect dental veneers..But who are we to argue?

To be honest we never noticed his teeth before, but hey, why shouldn’t God have great teeth too?