Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity Shockingly Young

When it comes to sex, some traditional values maintain couples should wait for marriage.

Losing one’s virginity at a young age was common in the days when people were getting married in their early teens and popping out several babies by the time they were 20. Of course, life expectancy was much lower in earlier centuries, too.

In the mid-20th century in the western world, traditional values generally endured, and many couples would marry young just so they could get their cherries popped without judgment.

However, since the advent of the birth control pill and the age of ‘free love’, people in the western world are losing their virginity at a much younger age without being married. It’s not uncommon, now, to hear of young teens getting pregnant from consensual intercourse with someone of their own age.

Given that today’s entertainment industry is all about sex (because, of course, it sells), it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are very interested in the sex lives of their favourite celebrities. There are so many questions that spring to the minds of fans, and yet celebrities remain brilliantly coy in how much they divulge about their personal lives.

But in some rare cases, A-list stars have divulged tantalizing and even shocking details. The following are ten shocking admissions from celebrities who claim to have lost their virginity at a very young age, long before their time in the spotlight.

10. Katy Perry – 16

Perry was 16 when he first had sex. She admitted to GQ that her first time was “in the front seat of a Volvo sedan while listening to Jeff Buckley’s album “Grace.” Thanks for the details, Katy!