Celebrities who improved their bodies with plastic surgery

More and more celebrities seek help from plastic surgeons to perfect their bodies, no matter how risky the procedure, as long as the outcome is a sexy, voluptuous body.

With the likes of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian being notoriously known for having undergone Brazilian butt lifts and breast augmentations, these women are just some of the celebs who have turned to plastic surgery in hopes that they can get their ideal body by going under the knife.

And while the risk in transferring fat to your butt or having your breasts enlarged is rather high, these stars would have done anything to get the body that they are now rocking. Yes, their looks are surgically enhanced but it sure looks good on them.

We’ve gathered together 10 celebrities who most definitely owe their hot bods to their surgeons that have worked on multiple procedures for these ladies, including liposuction, boob jobs, butt lifts, a sex change and so much more.

10. Heidi Montag

Former The Hills reality star Heidi Montag reportedly spent $250,000 on a complete makeover. The TV-personality was said to have formed a plastic surgery addiction which led to her wanting to change every body part possible; from the boobs to her new nose, lip fillers, Botox, breast enlargement, a tummy tuck and more. After Heidi’s surgeries, she would famously go back and have things readjusted, costing her even more money. This story was bound to have a sad ending because, while Montag has a great body, she is struggling to make anywhere near the $100k per episode she was paid on the axed MTV show.