Celebrities Who Battle Cellulite

As much as us commoners believe that the seemingly untouchable stars of Hollywood don’t suffer from the same struggles as us averages Joe’s, well surprise, we were wrong.

Despite popular belief, celebrities are human too, and being human, they have to deal with those same annoying things we do and one of those includes cellulite. Battling cellulite is a never ending battle and one that usually results in surgery if you’re looking for permanent removal.

When looking through magazines or the Instagram pages of our favorite celebrities, we always see flawless skin, a perfectly toned body, with not one visible imperfection. But with the knowledge that Photoshop exists and these photos as proof, we can see that the celebrities we love as just as human as we are.

Reese Witherspoon

She may be America’s sweetheart but that does not mean she is excluded from the battle we all face. We’re talking about the struggle and battle with cellulite. This show all swimsuit photo makes it clear that she is losing the battle with cellulite just like the rest of us. Proving that movie stars are just like us with the same struggles. We still love you Reese! Leg dimples and all.