Celebrities Ripped Jeans Extreme

Sometimes, bad style happens to good people. We do, after all, live in an imperfect world full of well-intentioned human error.

Thus, a trend like ripped jeans can be pushed over the line of taste with very little effort. Just think of all the times you’ve been witness to overly distressed denim that had no earthly business of being so distressed.

Growing up in the age of Abercrombie, many of us have experimented with this fashion. After all, distressing can be great in moderation. Plenty of these cases begin innocently enough with playful tears at the knees. But with each progressive wash, those perfect threads tear and curl, creating fabric caverns and pushing the boundaries of decency.

It would only be so long before those medium-sized holes would snake up the inseam, creating massive thigh vents and exposing your bikini area to the ambient breeze. Inevitably, a mercy killing of your too-ripped jeans would become necessary; generally by cremating them, alternatively by fashioning them into a DIY bag.

While you may have known better to put down your denim while you still had fond memories of its prime, plenty of individuals insist on wearing their ripped jeans throughout the tragic states of deterioration. It’s officially become a thing again. Here are some instances of ripped jeans surpassing the confines of good style judgment.

Samantha Faiers totes her Red Suede Envelope ClutchBag with distressed denim.