Celebrities Obsessed with Exhibitionism

In a world where most celebrities are beautiful people, it makes perfect sense that many of them aren’t too shy about revealing some flesh.

A willingness to show what God gave you alone isn’t good enough to make the cut of our list. Instead, we were looking for famous people who seem to relish the opportunity to show us what they got.

People who are known only for appearing in adult entertainment were disqualified, as their inclusion could drive this list up to the thousands. On the other hand, people who were famous and then appeared in a naughty tape were still very much up for consideration.

10. Rihanna

A woman that oozes sexuality wherever she goes, Rihanna is an incredibly talented singer and sex symbol. Whether it is bringing fans onstage and grinding on top of them, or releasing music videos where her clothes are see through or she works a pole, she has inexorably linked her body and her sound.

When private photographs of the star were leaked alongside several other celebrities, it got a fraction of the attention the other people got, probably because it was so redundant by then. The singer has appeared naked in several magazines, has appeared on red carpets in see-through outfits and even danced, barely covered, at Mardi Gras.