Sexy Celebrities in Latex Outfits

Amy Childs In Latex Catsuit

Amy Childs is an English model, beautician, reality television contestant and television presenter from Essex and looks simply hot in this black shiny latex catsuit. Amy Childs rose to fame after appearing in the first two series of the award winning series “The Only Way Is Essex”.

Amy Childs came in fourth place in Celebrity Big Brother 8 in 2011. She is wearing this black latex catsuit for an promotion and I think that the whole set is matching perfect. The latex is polished as it should be and makes the look noble and modern.

A cool contrast to the hear style and the pink scooter she is posing with. If you’ve not noticed the latex catsuit is somthing special as it’s cut made to measure but has cute puff sleeves. It makes the latex outfit looking more casual.