Can you wear Navy and Black together?

Is it generally accepted that you don’t mix black and navy. That’s what we often heard anyway. Why is that? What’s wrong with, say, a navy suit and black tie? Why is black considered to clash with navy but charcoal (which can get quite close to black) can be mixed with it without problems? There seems to be an exception for shoes, belts and gloves such that wearing a navy suit with black shoes, a black belt and black gloves is ok.

The problem with mixing navy and black is that many times it makes you look like you got dressed in the dark. If you wear a lighter or brighter navy,  it’s okay to mix with black because the contrast is greater and therefore looks deliberate. Someone was saying wearing black and blue was like wearing a bruise.

There are times you can wear black and navy. Nobody would bat an eye about a black tee shirt worn with dark jeans, for example. But black and navy dress clothes together recall the look of a cheap uniform. It looks like police and salesmen. Honestly, neither black nor navy are great “mixing” colors. Black is sophisticated because you can wear more black with it, and lots of black looks cool. Navy looks sophisticated because you can wear all those great rich leathery browns and burgundies with it. Navy is basically a showcase for browns. 

Black-navy dress

The comon public generally doesn’t think navy and black match. However, fashionistas know that both navy and black are neutrals and that neutrals always mix.

Navy coat and black details