Black Mamba’s White Style

Kobe’s foray into the modeling/fashion world in 2010 has set the twitterverse & blogosphere on fire. Naturally from the uber alpha male and homophobic crowd, we’ve heard and read the labels placed on the photos.

We must admit the photos do make him seem “suspect” and are perhaps famine. I think that people are missing the bigger point, the guy is tough on the eyes.

However why are people so hyper sensitive to idea of a man bring portrayed in this way? Perhaps it’s a reflection of critics own insecurities & inability to be vulnerable. Maybe just maybe Kobe is very comfortable in his own character that he does need it to be affirmed by lesser persons.

But we love Kobe and everything he is doing!!! Great personality!!!


Some one year ago after the unveiling of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, Nike Kobe Prelude Pack we could only imagine what else would happen with the Kobe signature line. Well this “White” collection hit the internet. Take a look at each of the Nike Kobe 1-8 in this all white get up and let us know which is your favorite.