Beyonce and Jay Z luxury lifestyle

5. Jay Z’s Bling

Jay Z is known for his bling almost as much as he is for his rapping. Being able to support his love of fine neckwear is just one perk of being so filthy rich. A heavy gold chain is part of his look, and through the years, Jay Z has sported more varieties of chains around his neck than I even knew existed.

In fact, GQ even wrote an article called “The Evolution of Jay Z’s Chain.” The fact that he has enough chains for an entire article speaks for itself. To summarize the timeline, in the 90s, he wore a single strand with matching earrings, Jesus pieces, and Asian symbols on a chain.

After 2000, his collection included a Roc-a-Fella Records chain, layered chains, dog tag chains, a diamond-studded cross on a chain, a rosary-turned-chain necklace, a string of beads at one point, and the biggest chain you’ve ever seen — like, this thing is ridiculously huge and is pictured in the photo above.

Can you imagine how much all of this bling must have cost?