Beyonce and Jay Z luxury lifestyle

7. Drinking Habits

It’s no secret that Jay Z appreciates a good drink. He can obviously afford to buy even the most overpriced liquors at the world’s most overpriced bars, and he has even rapped about drinking, name-dropping quite a few different liquors.

But his select few favorite drinks are exactly what you would expect of a wealthy, middle-aged man who is refined in his liquor preferences. Jay Z prefers cognac, champagne, wine, and whiskey. He also appreciates a good tequila, beer, or vodka, and has rapped about all seven of these choices of spirits.

It must be nice to go out on the town and order whatever you damn well please or to have a wine cellar full of the world’s finest reserves for when you feel like staying in. When money’s no object, the sky’s the limit when it comes to alcohol.