Beyonce and Jay Z luxury lifestyle

8. Wedding Ring 

It must be nice to walk through life being able to wine and dine the ladies, and then when you do find The One, to buy her something as fancy as this ring. Jay Z will always rest assured that he can not only provide for his wife and family, but he can actually go above and beyond spoiling them rotten.

Most men don’t have the luxury of never stressing about finances now or in the future, and on top of that, being able to give the ones they love everything they ever wanted. Jay Z bought this 18-carat diamond by Lorraine Schwartz for his wife in 2008, spending over $5 million on it.

They had secretly wed that April but did not confirm their marriage until September, when Beyoncé was spotted wearing her gorgeous wedding ring. As we know now, this was only the first in a line of ridiculously expensive gifts the husband and wife would go on to buy one another.