Beyonce and Jay Z luxury lifestyle

Shawn Corey Carter is better known to the world as Jay Z. He’s a rapper and businessman who is married to Beyoncé Knowles and who has quite the luxurious lifestyle.

To put it simply, Jay Z has everything any man could ever dream of wanting. Besides a drop-dead gorgeous and talented wife who is the love of his life, and beautiful daughter Jay Z has an extensive collection of material things that only the richest among us could ever dream of owning.

Shall we take a look? Read on if you don’t mind the feeling of envy, and check out these 10 photos that really show just how blessed a life Jay Z lives.

10. Car Collection

Only the wealthiest of people could ever dream of owning one of these cars… but Jay Z has a collection that’s worth an estimated $15 million!

To put it in a different way, their cars cost significantly more money than most people will ever see in a lifetime. He owns a $670,000 Pagani Zonda F, a $2-million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport he received as a 41st birthday present from Beyoncé, a Bentley Azure, a Maybach Exelero, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Ferrari F430 Spider, and a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

But Jay Z is a dad, after all, so he also has a van — but it’s a van unlike any van you’ve ever seen. Of course, Beyoncé drives some of these cars, too, so Jay Z has to share his wheels, a small price to pay for having a jaw-droppingly lavish bunch of vehicles.