Best Types of Dresses for the Pear Body Shape


Puff and Cap sleeves Dresses


Allegra K Ladies Puff Sleeves Square Neckine Lace Up Detail Mini Dress


Puff and Cap Sleeve have generous gathering around the armhole, which creates the widening effect. There are two main types of puff sleeves and the difference is important. The first type are puffed out, which adds volume to the chest and shoulders. The second type of princess sleeve; these are gathered in such a manner as to elongate the arms without adding chest volume.

These could be flattering on many different body types as long as you are sure they are not adding too much volume on the top of the body. These can be great on boyish and pear shaped figures. Apple, full figured, and hourglass shaped ladies should generally try to avoid these because they make a top-heavy illusion.