Barack Obama’s Ray Ban 3217 Sunglasses

Barack Obama Sunglasses - Ray Ban Sidestreet 3217
Ray Ban Sidestreet 3217

Ray Ban sunglasses have been around since 1937, when the first pair of aviators was designed for the US Army. Ever since Tom Cruise donned a pair of Ray Ban aviators in Top Gun, the brand has been a staple for anybody who’s somebody, from up and coming teen sensations to established stars. And who’s more somebody than the leader of the free world, the president of the United States, Barack Obama? His personal favorite is the Ray Ban Sidestreet 3217 model, which he has been spotted wearing numerous times, in numerous photo ops.

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This particular model is unisex, so both men and women can sport this amazingly stylish look. They are made in Italy, featuring polarized polycarbonate lenses that deliver 100% UV protection and are virtually shatterproof with the shock absorption, while the frame is crafted from stainless steel alloy, making them light as a feather and durable as a tank. They are a joy to look through and wrap around the head like a second layer of skin.

While sporting these, Barack Obama has to be one of the most badass world leaders of all time especially while . Let’s face it, he makes them look super cool…or is it the other way around? The Ray Ban Sidestreet 3217 Sunglasses are set to become one of the most popular models of the last ten years thanks to Barack Obama, giving a lot more business to the manufacturer! The 3217’s have a very smooth round edge and an understated black plastic nose part that makes these sunglasses perfectly suitable for any occasion, looking just as good with a business suit as they do with jeans and a t-shirt, as the picture above clearly shows.

Mr President, of course, is not the only VIP with love for Ray Ban. Others include Madonna, Beyonce and Rianna. Even before Top Gun, they were popular with legends like Marilyn Monroe, JFK and Bob Dylan.