10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Rose

She Met Wiz Khalifah Through Twitter

Go ahead and ditch your Tinder account because finding love has been made possible by Twitter! It was no secret that Amber Rose was once deeply in love with rapper Wiz Khalifah. She has stated in interviews that she cried for months after their split. But who knew that one could fall so deeply in love with someone they met through twitter?

In an interview, Wiz answered that if there was one girl in the world he could be with it would be Amber Rose. Apparently, that was enough to charm her. She later messaged Wiz and told him “That’s really cute”. The two fell in love afterwards and ended up having a baby boy together.

Since their split, Rose posted a picture of her and Wiz to Instagram, which has #TeamWizAndAmber hoping for the best between the two.