10 Hot Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tight Jeans

6. Jennifer Lopez

For anyone over 40, it is difficult for them to compete with younger people in a lot of things in the appearance department. After a certain age, everything begins to droop a bit more. Hair becomes a little more gray. Bellies become a little bigger.

For moms like J-Lo, they may tend to gravitate toward the horrible “mom jeans” that essentially take away from any hint that a woman has a figure of any kind. Except for areas of love, money, experience, family, employment, or housing, middle aged people have tough competition. In the entertainment industry, that competition gets even more fierce.

But for Jennifer Lopez herself, her love of tight jeans is a place where she can compete with anybody, even the 19-year-olds on this list. Understanding there is a fortune to be made by flaunting some of her best physical features, Jenny from the Block is not shy about stepping out in her finest gear.