10 Hot Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tight Jeans

8. Kylie Jenner

To be clear, Kylie Jenner is an adult now. The former teen reality show star has essentially been off limits because talking about her in a pair of jeans before she could even vote is just creepy. It is also probably every kind of illegal to go along with it. Now that she is grown, discussing how she fits into a pair of jeans, at least to a reasonable degree, is fair game.

Now that she is nearing 19, Kylie is popping up all over the internet in expensive pairs of jeans. Having learned from her older sisters on how to catch the eye of photographers by just wearing certain items of clothes, Kylie is learning the way of branding herself smartly.

For now, she knows that if she just walks out of the house, people are going to stare and take photos. Now that she’s old enough, she knows that if she straps on a pair of jeans that curve her figure just right, she can maintain the popularity she so enjoys.