10 Hot Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tight Jeans

In 2003, the artist Ginuwine recording a song called “In Those Jeans.” Just stop and think about the power of this for a second.

There is a whole song dedicated to Ginuwine’s thoughts on women in jeans. The song is not about global warming. It is not about people starving in Africa. It is not about the conflict in Syria. It is not about anything of any real substance. It is about a woman in a nice, tight pair of jeans.

Just by wearing a pair of pants, a woman in the right pair of jeans can get a man to sing about how she is wearing the right pair of jeans. In the right pair of a jeans, a woman can virtually melt the minds of men. It is almost like a tight pair of jeans are as much of a superpower as Spider-Man’s ability to sling webs or Superman’s ability to fly.

In that same vein, if DC and Marvel really want to solidify their financial future, they should create a comic book character called “Painted On Jeans,” or something like that, as a hero in their universe. Her only power would be just strapping on a pair of jeans and walking outside. Whatever conflict a villain is brewing will leave him vulnerable and stupefied, weakening his defenses.

The power of a tight pair of jeans is also well known by celebrities as well. When most celebrities walk outside, they know that cameras are going to be clicking and the right pair of jeans will help those light bulbs flash, spreading their power the world over. Enjoy the 10 celebrities who love tight jeans.

10. Megan Fox

Megan Fox appears on a lot of lists throughout the internet. Most of those lists include usually the main words “hottest,” “sexiest,” “best,” “most amazing,” and so on. There is a presumption that Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in the world and part of that reason may be because of how she can pull of wearing tight jeans.

What is most interesting about Fox is that not everyone thinks she is such a hottie. The website, OKCupid.com, famous for the research it did into what people thought about dating, beauty, sex, and race relations among single people, did some digging. What they found is that people like Kristen Bell were often rated consistently higher than someone like Megan Fox who people either thought was amazing or just downright hideous. It is really strange that just one person can cause such a stir just by their appearance. But after looking at her in tight jeans, it becomes a little bit more clear.