10 Fun Facts About Eminem’s Messed-Up Childhood

Eminem was part of one of only three white households in his neighborhood and fell victim to racially motivated violence on many occasions.

“I was walking home from my boy’s house, through the Bel-Air Shopping Center,” Mathers told Rolling Stone. “All these black dudes rode by in a car, flippin’ me off. I flipped them off back, they drove away, and I didn’t think nothin’ of it.” Evidently they parked the car. “One dude came up, hit me in the face and knocked me down. Then he pulled out a gun. I ran right out of my shoes, dog. I thought that’s what they wanted.” But they didn’t — when Mathers returned the next day, his shoes were still stuck in the mud. “That’s how I knew it was racial.”

Source: Rolling Stone