10 Celebrities With Lifetime Bans From Hotels

While filming Cinderella Man, back in 2005, Russell Crowe was paying $4000 a night to rest at the Mercer Hotel In New York City. He had attempted to call his wife multiple times by using his room telephone, but was unable to reach Australia from his location. Russell got considerably upset, left his room and took the phone with him. He marched down to the hotel lobby and threw the phone at the clerk, hitting him just below the eye.

Apparently he cut the worker by the force of his rage (and the phone), and police were called as a result. Russell did not deny the allegations when taken to the police station and was handcuffed, but was immediately taken to court, instead of a holding cell.

Russell was released on a small bail amount and the judge allowed him to leave on “his own recognizance.” He settled the case with the hotel worker, but the actual amount was never released. Needless to say, Russell will most likely not be allowed back to the Mercer anytime soon.