10 Celebrities With Lifetime Bans From Hotels

Apparently, being too smart can get you kicked out of hotels, especially if you are visiting the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Actor, film director and producer, Ben Affleck was playing blackjack at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, when he was caught “counting cards.”

According to Ben, he does not have a gambling problem and normally does not wager too often, but the one game he did play, he was able to excel in that venture. That is where his trouble started, back in April of 2014. He was visiting the local Hard Rock while he was in town, and decided to engage in some blackjack, when he was found to be card-counting.

According to ABC News, he even admitted the wrongdoings. Ben is not banned from the hotel, entirely, but he is forbidden to play at any of the blackjack tables. Since that is the only casino game he participates in, he most likely will not be going back to that hotel.