10 Actors who Got Huge For Movie Roles

Christian Bale

Christian Bale may be the patron saint of the actor bulk-up/slim-down, and he pioneered his approach back in 2000, when the formerly willowy actor put on muscle for American Psycho. “The ‘body thing’ starts to take over your whole life,” he told Flaunt that year.

“I found myself unable to help looking at someone else and going, ‘Oooh, they should work out more’ or ‘They’ve really worked on their shoulders.’

Bale dramatically lost that weight four years later for his virtually starved performance in The Machinist, and once he knew he could do that, he started pulling it off in between bulked-up Batman movies: After Batman Begins (right), he dieted to play a P.O.W. in Rescue Dawn, and in between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, he dropped all his muscle tone for The Fighter (left).