The World’s Most Expensive Cufflinks


2. Jacob & Co. Diamond Art Deco Cufflinks: $601,428.00/Pair

This artfully-designed vintage cufflink sports two massive white 6.05 and 5.90 carat diamonds encircled by smaller baguette diamonds weighing a total of 4.52 carats, laid on an 18 karat white gold frame. The symmetrical geometric lines and lavish shape enhances the already visible beauty of the two large stones; and the creators have rightfully targeted the piece to the discerning and competitive family heirloom market.

1. Jacob & Co. Emerald Cut Canary Diamond Octagon – $4,195,000/Pair

Sometimes, a personal statement transcends beyond form, functionality and economy. Instead, it speaks of refinements, elegance and heritage. In the world of cufflinks, nothing can rival the statement made by Jacob & Co.’s emerald cut canary diamond octagon cufflink.

The central 10.76 carat diamonds are treated with the Asscher cut, resulting in wide facets and sharp, clipped corners, breathing fire into already gloriously magnificent, yellow Cape diamonds.

The entire piece consists of approximately 21.29 carats of diamonds in total, embedded on a polished 18-carat white gold structure with a whale flip-back latch. This truly is a gift fit for kings and merchant princes.

Via therichest. com