The Shocking Details of Marilyn Monroe Death

She Went from Happy to Dying in Less Than Thirty Minutes

Monroe took a phone call from Joe DiMaggio, Jr. between 7:00pm and 7:15pm and by all accounts had a happy conversation with the 20-year-old, during which DiMaggio, Jr. told her that he’d just broken up with a young woman Monroe disliked. Housekeeper Eunice Murray also later confirmed that Monroe was “happy, gay, alert – anything but depressed” during the talk.

Monroe took her last call of the night from Peter Lawford about half an hour later at 7:40pm or 7:45 pm, during which Lawford noted she sounded slurred and barely audible.

The coroner later observed:

“Monroe was laughing and chatting on the telephone with Joe DiMaggio’s son…and not thirty minutes after this happy conversation, Marilyn Monroe was dying…This was one of the strangest facts of the case.”