The Most Expensive Leather Shoes For Men


1. Tony Lama Boots – $ 50,000

The tony lama boots represent the western hand crafted styles of boot work which is famous worldwide. This shoe industry was founded in 1911 whose founder was Tony Lama whose had started his boot trade at age of 11. He started making boot soon that became popular among the people, at first year of experience of boot business he and his one employee had made 20 pairs handcrafted boots.



If you are keen of a royal and expensive life style so here it come good news the world most expensive shoes of cost $ 50,000. The cowboy style of boots “the tony lama boots” is made up of 100 diamonds, 4.4 ounce of 14 karat gold. The revenue of this company is $65 million. In their collection of shoe industry they have especial collections of boots for women too. The company’s boots is recognized in western world due to its comforts and the quality that meets all the requirement of today technological world.

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