The Most Expensive Leather Shoes For Men


3. Louis Vuitton men shoe – $10,000

Louis Vuitton started his work in 2006 with sponsorship b a group LVMH has long time experience for men wears. The first taken for man’s their leather shoes for man in the fashion industry. Indeed their standard quality production for man foot wear has made them to reach at top ten most expensive brands in addition has gotten second place in the top most expensive leather shoe for men.


They have made this achievements through their work and commitment of producing quality production from leather foot wears they have made shoe from alligators leather using traditional hand crafts. That would give maximum comfort and can’t be affected by weather thus it water proof.

One of the most expensive shoe costs $10,000. Louis Vuitton men shoe is modern and the traditional combination with hand crafts designed. Men would love to wear one.