The Most Expensive Leather Shoes For Men


4. Stefano Bemer shoes – $2000

Stefano Beyer is a well-known most expensive shoes for men in the world and they are finest shoe makers today for producing high-quality hand-made shoes for men. The shoes in this list are priced at $2000. It takes three months to manufacture a single pair. These are handmade and take much effort. That’s why their price is too high than ordinary shoes or those of other brands. These are designed for rich men who want to look sophisticated. The style is a mix of shiny and Matt surface. Camel leather is used to make the shoes.



Stefano Beyer is the founder of the company and according to him, a shoe is an object and if its good quality it helps you walk comfortably. When it’s made up of high quality materials with excellent craftsmanship, it becomes something pleasing to you and stands out unique among the crowd. The company was found in Florence, Italy and is worldwide recognized for producing high-quality footwear for men.