The Hottest Celebrities in Body Paint

5. Beyoncé

Let’s first make the distinction between a sweaty ancient warrior’s body paint and today’s body art. Better yet, we’ll let American singer, songwriter, and actress Beyoncé show off the stunning skills of body artistry with a glimpse of the cover of Flaunt magazine from four years ago. Queen Bey appeared painted in molten gold and bronze jewel tones, which set off her already incredible figure; it’s almost as though someone had covered the Venus de Milo in glue and poured glitter over her, only better (sorry, Alexandros of Antioch). The 2011 shoot was the brainchild of photographer Tony Duran and came to pass in the 2013 edition of the popular American satirical fashion and culture magazine.

This isn’t the first time Bey has been painted up for us. Earlier this year, we were treated to an hour-long video-commentary-diary thing about her new album Lemonade in which she and her dancers are seen adorned with stunning designs by Nigerian-born artist Laolu Senbanjo.