The Hottest Celebrities in Body Paint

10. Demi Moore

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words. We think in the case of “Demi’s Birthday Suit,” it says, “Was there ever a woman who could look so stunning in Trompe-l’œil body-painted menswear?” OK, it’s the not the catchiest of slogans, but it has to be said that the 1992 cover of Vanity Fair magazine featuring Demi Moore beneath the artwork of Joanne Gair is both memorable and eye-catching to this day!

Gair and the photographer took a punt on the body art during the week-long shoot in California. Gair painted onto Moore which took, “15 hours to apply . . . because it was difficult for Gair to build the proper paint density, and Moore’s body heat melted the paint.” What’s more, Moore was required to sleep in the suit to ease the progress of the next day’s filming.

Many consider the cover photograph, and Gair’s ground-breaking work, as signaling “the introduction of modern body painting to the world.”